We're Moving!

Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski and her team will be moving in with the team at Brentwood Dental Centre in late February, 2021.


The new office is just 10 minutes away, directly up Crowchild Trail. (see map)  Our first working day together will be Monday March 1st, 2021.


Our team is incredibly excited to be making this move and having both of our teams under the same roof.  We're excited to be partnering with Dr. Ocampo and Dr. Reid and expanding the care we can provide.


We have already spoken with many of our patients in person, and we will be talking to several more in the coming months.


One thing we want to make clear is that everything you have come to value and enjoy about having your dental needs served with Dr. Kowalewski will remain unchanged at the new location.


Please feel free to contact Laser Assisted Dentistry or Brentwood Dental Centre if you have any questions or concerns about what this means for you as a patient.

You may also want to visit the Welcome Page for our patients on Brentwood Dental Centre's website.


We look forward to continuing your care at our new location!


Laser Assisted Dentistry 403-220-9660

Brentwood Dental Centre 403-284-3341

Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski, Dr. Tristan Ocampo and Dr. Tim Reid

Brentwood Dental Centre

Our new home on March 1, 2021:

Brentwood Dental Centre

Northland Plaza

4820 Northland Dr NW  #121

Calgary, AB  T2L 2L4