Lasers in Dentistry

Our dental practice started using laser in 2002, one of the first in Canada! Lasers in dentistry are incredible tools that can provide a precise, fast and painless way to perform dental procedures and much much more...

Why use lasers in dentistry?

Patients love our use of laser technology as it can provide a fast and comfortable dental experience. Some advantages of using lasers in dentistry over traditional dentistry include:

Can replace needles and drills, meaning no vibrations and a more comfortable experience.
Performs precise decay removal & tooth preparation – multiple cavity preparation in just one visit.
Carries out an extensive variety of gum and soft tissue procedures without inflammation or bleeding.
Treatment of cold sores and canker sores.
Reduces dependence on anesthesia and minimizes post‑op discomfort.

How do lasers in dentistry work?

A laser instrument produces a very narrow and intense beam of light energy; this controlled amount of energy evaporates and heals target tissues with incredible accuracy. It can be applied to hard tissues (such as teeth and bone) to perform cavity preparation, crown lengthening, and teeth desensitizing. It can also be used on soft tissue such as gums, to perform periodontal treatment, reduce bacteria and remove calculus. It can also treat cold & canker sores, and performs frenectomies. Overall, this results in a faster and more pleasurable dental experience.

Our Laser Technologies

Waterlase & Lightwalker - tooth laser
Used by the dentist for decay removal and tooth preparation. This is performed without vibration and often without anesthetic which will eliminate numbness. It can also be used for gum surgery, cold sore, canker treatment, and much more.


Diode Lasers - soft tissue
Used for advanced periodontal care, laser bacterial reduction, teeth desensitizing, and bio-stimulation for improving the healing process.